Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Seize the Night - Dean Koontz

I've read many Koontz books in my time and enjoyed many of them. This one, was outstanding!

The story follows the nocturnal adventures of Mr Snow a young man with an allergy to light. Therefore he sleeps by day and becomes active by night. The story only covers a couple of days(nights) and is jam packed with adventure, horror and a darn good plot line that will keep you hooked.

The story is set in a town where a an made bug has escaped that mutates men and beasts, often turning them mad and violent. Yet it is a slow acting thing, and the government, including the local police are acting more often than not to hide the strange happenings rather than trying to help the people involved.

This book was a real page turner, and I ended up staying up later than I should while reading it. This is a sequel but you do not have to have read the previous book. I am however on the lookout for the prequel because this book was so good.

Rated : 8/10