Sunday, 16 August 2009

Barbarossa : The Russian German Conflict 1941-1945 by Alan Clark

This non fictory book takes an overview look at the entire conflict between Germany and Russia in world war two.

It's written from a top down point of view, spening much time dealing with the German leadership and it's interactions and it's effects on the campaign and the battles therein.

We do get a few anecdotes of individuals on the front line but more often follow the decisions made by generals at the front as they try to both please their masters in Berlin and counter the assaults being pushed forwards by the Stavka.

As you move forwards through the book you follow the various campaigns in chronological order, from the initial incursion and the poor Russian response, right through until the Russian forces enter Berlin.

I found the book well written and well paced. The word for word dicussions between Hitler and his staff were very enlightening. You get to see how his mind and abilities seemed to fade throughout the war right up until the end. the tactics and technology advancements were also covered in a broad way, that showed me the various tides to the war that until reading this book I'd had no idea about.

All in all a good read for anyone with an interest in the Russion-German side of WWII.


First printed in 1964, reprinted in 2001 by Cassell & co