Friday, 24 April 2009

The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks

This is a modern novel set in the very near future.

The premise of the story is that down through history there have ever been "travellers". These people have been able to cross over to other realms and then return. The returned travellers bring back new ideas and cause trouble and revelation. The book hints that Jesus himself may have been a traveller.

As well as travellers there have also been "Harlequins", these individuals dedicate themselves to protecting the travellers.

Set against them are the brotherhood. Another underground organisation that dedicates to establishing law and order, and eliminating the disruptive travellers.

Into this world the author sets his appealing characters who from the get go and born into action and adventure. I'm afraid to say too much lest I give away the plot!

One night this week I went to bed at 9, determined to get a much needed early night, only to find myself still reading at 10:30! It's that absorbing.

This is book one in a series and I'm looking forward to gettin my hands on the next installment.